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Restaurant 'Svyatoslav' is the best place for celebrating on a big scale - for instance, wedding or large banquet. The restaurant room can accommodate up to 300 persons and it is just perfectly adapted for party, as well as for dancing. There is a wide dancefloor, energetic musicians with vast repertoire of Ukrainian, as well as foreign music, spacious hall, light show, plenty of animate plants, artificial waterfall with brooklet. And for your feeling of constant care at the restaurant works 10 professional waiters; they are dressed in old national Ukrainian garbs in order to emphasize the spirit of the restaurant. Restaurant menu is available in 7 languages. The selection of dishes that are offered by Restaurant 'Svyatoslav' will gratify many gourmands. In the menu are presented dishes from cuisines of various world nations. However, Ukrainian cuisine is offered the widest. Starting form classical dishes – Ukrainian borsch with vareniki and finishing with unique Transcarpathian dainty and krucheniki with mushrooms and cheese. We wait for you to pay visit to our land, come to us. Welcome!


tel.: +38 (032) 296 34 22