Мой статус


Як Ви дізналися про наш готель та ресторан?



Do you dream fairy sleeps? Surely! Everybody dreams, just not everyone remembers them. Tales that we invented in the childhood are very similar to our colourful sleeps – unreal, mysterious, and intensified with light or colour… And so quickly we forget them. Our fairy court – it is your déjà vu. It’s a come back of your tale. We won't never get tired to remind you that world is marvelous and to dream is wonderfully! Because a dream is a tale that we create oneself, independently form age. The best is to give rein to your imagination under the open sky, while sitting among abundant green. It’s desirable to dream at nightfall – under the starry sky and thousands of garlands and lanterns at the cottage… You will feel yourself a hero of Ukrainian poetry, that waits for his sweetheart in ‘the night so moonlit, starry, bright…’ Dream reminding yourself childhood when you swing on seesaws… Everything, each detail is subordinated to complete style. Wooden cottages and stony pathways, seesaws and benches, little bridge and brooklet, fireplace, grill and barbecue… and fabulous night illumination create unforgettable fairy image.