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Internal Accommodation Terms and Conditions of Svyatoslav Hotel

  1. Terms and Conditions

    1. The Terms herein establish internal regulations for visitors of Svyatoslav Rest and Recreation Complex (hereinafter: Hotel), namely: terms and regulations of guests’ stay, Hotel property usage, services provided, liabilities of the parties.

    2. Activities of the hotel are also governed by Regulations on Hotels and similar accomodations and providing hotel services No. 19 dated March 16, 2004, Law of Ukraine "On tourism" and other effective legislation of Ukraine

  1. Rules regulating Hotel property usage

2.1. Hotel provides furnished rooms equipped with appliances (TV, refrigerator, etc.), plumbing and other equipment for clients’ (guests’) temporary lodging. All the rooms and public areas are heated, provided with modern finishes, engineering services, equipment, and are complete set to meet all the requirements at the time of commissioning (year 2012).

2.2. All guests are obliged to make thrifty use of hotel's property, use equipment as intended, and observe fire safety requirements. Any cases of damages to property, technical malfunctions, and emergencies should be immediately informed to the front desk representative.

3. Internal Accommodation Conditions

3.1. Front desk representatives (porters) take responsibility for accommodation conditions compliance. They provide guests with extra information on accommodation conditions, and set any possible complaints on actions, violating regulations.

3.2. On signing accommodation agreement with the hotel, porter provides guest with a key to the guestroom.

3.3. Please always deposit cash and other valuables in safe deposit box in General Manager’s office to ensure their safety.

3.4. Please do not smoke in any public areas with the exception of the Fireplace Hall. Smoking is imposed a fine of 300 UAH. Repeated case of smoking may lead to guest’s eviction from the Hotel.

3.5. Please keep silence in the Hotel and surrounding areas at night time (11 PM till 8 AM). During these hours, please do not turn on the TV and audio system at full volume.

3.6. The hotel strictly prohibits any visitors from staying at the Hotel before 8 AM and after 11 PM. Guests are also requested to give consent to visitors staying at the hotel. Porter keeps lists of all visitors. Guests are responsible for their visitors. Porter has the right to check visitor’s identification documents, as well as prohibit visitor staying on hotel premises in cases, described in parts 13.4 and 13.5

3.7. If guests wish not to be disturbed, they may hang “do not disturb” sign on guestroom door. Reverse side says “Please, clean up my room”, and is used if guests want their room to be cleaned.

3.8. No pets are allowed to be kept in the Hotel.

4. Energy Saving

4.1. Please turn off all electrical appliances, when leaving guestroom. It is strongly prohibited to keep any appliances, except of refrigerator, or lights on.

4.2. The hotel strictly prohibits using any kinds of power socket splitters and cable extenders, and/or powerful electrical appliances, including heating, if these appliances are not included into room facilities or were issued by Hotel personnel. To charge rechargeable batteries (of cell phone, camera, etc.) during the absence of guest, please approach front desk representative.

4.3. Please remember to turn off cold and, which is more important, hot water, when leaving guestroom.

4.4. Electricity consumption for the guest is limited. Unreasonable use of it may result in termination of electricity in a whole house.

4.6. To call to other guestrooms, please dial a 3-digit code, which can be found in Telephone Numbers directory in the room. City, intercity and international calls are charged according to current rates.

5. Video Control

5.1. Hotel premises, all entrances, gateways, internal stairways and corridors are under control of videocams. Video streams are being registered, written on and stored on digital media. Video control is used to provide safety and security to guests and their belongings, as well as to hotel inventory and personnel. By signing registration card, guests confirm that they are informed of and accept usage of video registering system on hotel premises (excepting guestrooms and toilets).

6. Cars arrival and parking

6.1. Cars arrive through Ivan Franko Street.

6.2. Please, park your car on hotel premises, or use secured parking, entered through Ivan Franko Street (nearby the stadium).

6.3. The hotel strictly prohibits leaving cars at entrances and exits, as well as internal driveways.

6.4. Violation of parking rules shall be fined UAH 100. Repeated case of rules violation may lead to guest’s eviction from the Hotel.

7. Hotel Services

7.1. Hotel provides both free (included into room rate) and charged services. No charged services are provided without guests’ consent. If such services were provided, guest has the right not to pay for them. If such service has been charged, it should be refunded. Services, provided by the Hotel, should not dependent on other services.

7.2. Free services are as follows: accommodation, guestrooms cleaning, calling for emergency and first medical aid.

7.3. Guests may check in the Hotel at any convenient time.Each guestroom can be accommodated by certain number of persons (guests). All additional beds are paid for. Any kinds of simultaneous occupation to twin rooms are forbidden. Children under 18 may only be staying in the guestroom with adults (parents or relatives).

7.4. Daily quick cleaning (dust cleaning, trash removing, cups washing, bathrooms cleaning, and bed lining cleaning) is done every day.

7.5. On guests’ check-out, full cleaning (bed lining change, bathrooms disinfecting, refrigerators washing, and vacuum cleaning) is done.

7.6. Towels and bed lining are usually changed up to three times a week. On guests’ request, towels may be changed extraordinarily.

7.7. Once a quarter, general cleaning up is performed (washing windows, cleaning carpets and upholstery).

7.8. Extra (paid) services are as follows: guestrooms reservation, waiter’s room service, city and intercity calls, mobile calls, and other services listed. All extra services have specified price.

8. Guestrooms booking and reservation

8.1. Guestroom booking means preliminary rooms ordering, made ​​day in advance, but no earlier than 6 months before the date of arrival.

Booking procedure is as follows:

  • Reservation request; specification of the request by post, mail or phone. Phone (0322) 96 34 17, Fax (0322) 96 34 17.

  • Invoicing (by fax or e-mail).

  • On prepayment received, Hotel sends reservation confirmation by fax or e-mail. Check-in time is 12:00 noon.


  • Guaranteed booking: full (100%) prepayment for whole accommodation period.

  • Guaranteed booking: partial (30%) prepayment for whole accommodation period.

In case of guaranteed (100%) booking and guest’s no-show with no cancellation three days before arrival, no refunding is made. The booking changes its status to non-guaranteed. Prepaid sum may be refunded in case that the room was sold to another guests, and accommodation period was no shorter then booked one.

In case of guaranteed (30%) booking and guest’s no-show with no cancellation three days before arrival, no refunding is made. The booking changes its status to non-guaranteed and is cancelled.

Early check-in is possible only with Hotel Management approval.

Non-guaranteed booking with no specified arrival time can be cancelled at 14:00 on arrival day.

8.2. Guestroom reservation means preliminary rooms ordering, made ​​ no earlier than 1 day before the date of arrival.

Reservation procedure is similar to booking procedure.

100% prepayment for the 1st night is required. On receiving prepayment, Hotel provides written reservation confirmation.

Hotel guarantees check-in at 12:00 noon.

Reservation is free of charge.

Cancelled reservation is not refunded.

9. Food and Beverages

9.1. Restaurant is available in the Hotel. Payments for F&B are made in the restaurant.

9.2. Room service is an extra service and is charged according to restaurant price-list.

10. Prohibition of unauthorized (private) in-room food consumption

10.1.Violation of the prohibition shall be fined UAH 100. Repeated case of rules violation may lead to guest’s eviction from the Hotel.

11. Privileges

11.1. Hotel privileges are established by the legislation of Ukraine. WWII veterans, Heroes of the Soviet Union, Heroes of Socialist Labor, Heroes of Ukraine, deputies of Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, parents with children under 1 year old are entitled to priority check-in.

11.2. Hotel privileges are as follows:

- Children under 2 stay free in the parents’ room with no extra bed.

- Privileges for corporate clients, defined by the Management.

12. Payments

12.1. All payments are charged in advance according to estimated hours.

12:00 noon is a checkout time. Hotel Accommodation Agreement is terminated at 12:00 on the next day after guest arrival. Staying in the hotel after 12:00 noon and before 23:59 is charged a 100% room price. Checking out is according to standard procedure.

Guests, arriving after 00:00 and before 05:59 is charged a 100% room price. Late check-out (at 14:00) is possible if guestroom is not booked.

Guests, arriving after 06:00 and before 23:59 is charged a 100% room price. In this case, early check-in is charged.

Check-out after 12:00 and before 14:00 is free if guestroom is not booked.

Check-out after 14:00 and before 16:00 is charged on hourly basis.

Check-out after 16:00 and before 23:59 is charged full room price for a night. Should you need to extend your stay, contact the Front Desk Reception in two hours before check-out time.

Guest is charged 100% for extended hours.

Minimal charge is for one night.

Charges on hourly basis are possible if accommodation lasts more than 1 night.

12.2. Children under 2 stay free in the parents’ room with no extra bed. If children under 2 stay with an extra bed, it is charged according to extra bed price.

12.3. Phone calls are charged the next day after calls were made at 12:00. If payment was not made, telephone lines are locked. By signing Hotel Accommodation Agreement guests confirm that they were acknowledged with phone calls prices.

13. Accommodation termination. Denying accommodations .

13.1. Accommodation period ends with Hotel Accommodation Agreement termination.

13.2. Guest has the right to terminate Hotel Accommodation Agreement at any time provided that all services were fully charged.

13.3. The hotel administration reserves the right to deny accommodations and services, and/or to evict registered guests and visitors for disruptive, disorderly and/or abusive conduct. After charging for any damages, the rest of prepaid sum is returned to the guest.

13.4. The hotel administration reserves the right to deny accommodations and services in the following cases:

- guest’s identification documents are invalid, expired, or fake;

- no payments for accommodation or services were made;

- guest’s disruptive, disorderly and/or abusive conduct;

- guest violates Hotel Terms and Conditions;

- guest is in Hotel stop-list;

- in other statutory cases.

Disputable cases are decided by the Management

13.5. Hotel keeps guests stop-list (list of undesired guests).

It may include:

  • Previously evicted guests;

  • Persons, listed by Owners or the Management.

14. Liabilities of the parties (the Hotel, guests)

14.1. In case of failure to provide contractual services obligations, responsible party is subject to paying out compensation.

14.2. In cases where it is impossible to meet the conditions specified Hotel Accommodation Agreement (Guest card), except in cases of force majeure, listed in 15.5., the Hotel is subject to accommodate guest in other hotel in the nearby area, providing services of the d=same or higher quality. All additional costs are covered by the Hotel.

14.3. If there are any deficiencies or flaws in Hostel services, guests are entitled to claim one of the following:

- To rectify the situation without delay;

- reduction of the agreed price

14.4. the Hotel is obliged to rectify the situation without delay, during one hour after receiving a

complaint from the Guest.

14.5. Hotel responsibility does not cover any deficiencies or flaws if it is proved that they were caused by hotel guest or by force majeure.

14.6. Guest is entitled to Hotel Accommodation Agreement termination and be provided by compensation under the current legislation if the situation claimed by guest wasn’t properly rectified.

Prepaid sum of money is refunded on the day of Hotel Accommodation Agreement termination or other specified day, but no later than in 7 days after presentation of the claim.

14.7. The Hotel takes full responsibility for guest’s property, kept in the guestroom, except of valuables (cash, jewelry, securities, electronics, etc.)

14.8. In case of any loss or damage to guest’s property, guest should inform the Hotel immediately. If loss or damage claim wasn’t made before guest’s check-out, property is not considered lost or damaged.

14.9. In case of revealing lost property, the Hotel is obliged to notify property owners, if they are known. Revealed property is kept on the Hotel premises for 6 month. In 6 month they are transmitted to public authorities or destroyed as specified in the Act.

14.10. In cases where the guest uses Hotel parking, guest takes full responsibility for surveillance of the property (car).

14.11. If there are any major damages caused by guest’s or visitor’s fault or negligence, specified Act is being signed. In this case, guest, in addition to damages compensation, is also subject to costs reimbursement, associated with guestroom unavailability during repair.