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Russian Bath is a perfect choice for relaxation, rest and recreation,as it sets the mood to forget all the troubles and indulge Yourself. After taking steam bath, it feels so good to dive into ice-cold water, - this procedure enhances Your health and body tone. Svyatoslav Rest and Recreation Complex cordially invites You to try our unique Russian Bath, that has no analogues in Ukraine. It was produced on special order by Finnish company TULIKLIVI, and made of soapstone (steatite), also called Fire-in-Stone. This is the world of comfort and relax. Spacious hall, containing Jacuzzi, polynya with ice-cold water, and waterfalls, also has comfortable seats for Guests' perfect leisure. Second floor is all given for relaxation  area, interior of which sets the right mood for a good sleep after procedures. Passage to the Bath is decorated with wood which creates positive aura for wellness treatments. Another unique point of our Russian Bath is it's construction, so-called 'gray' way. This means, that at first the stove is being heated,and then the heat comes through the door into the Bath room. Soapstone is able to retain heat twice as long as traditional bricks. Thus, this type of stove is perfect for those, who consider their health and well-being.

bath with bowl : Monday - Thursday - 400 uah./hour.
                       friday - sunday - 550 uah./hour.
bath without bowl : Monday - Thursday - 350 uah./hour.
                       friday - sunday - 450 uah./hour.

tel: +380 32 2961485,  +093-021-50-26